Willows Reef CoralFeast
Willows Reef CoralFeast

Willows Reef CoralFeast

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CoralFeast is formulated for corals and invertebrates. The mixture is made with nine aquatic-sourced ingredients to better promote coral growth and vibrant color.  Coralfeast is milled in an FDA-Certified Factory.  It is milled and sifted with a 300-micron scree, leaving a 300 micron and below particle size which aids in digestion and maximum nutrient absorption.   Will not result in immediate increase in undesired nutrients such as phosphate or nitrate. 

Use with a high-quality amino acid like AminoFeast+ and a live probiotic such as Rhodofeast.  Add all ingredients to a cup filled filled with 2-4 oz of tank water and mix thoroughly. Pour the mix in a high flow areas in the tank.  

For target feeds,  make a more concentrated version and use a pipette or feeding syringe to feed the individual coral polyps by gently directing food over the polyps. Repeat several times for big corals and some anemones. 

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