Tangs for Sale



    Common Name: Surgeon fish, Tangs     

    There are six genera and about 86 species of tans, many are popular in the marine aquarium hobby.

    Scientific Name:  Acanthuridae (order Perciformes)

    Two examples

    Common Name: Yellow Tang, Disney’s “Bubbles”.

    Scientific name: Zebrasoma flavescens

    Discoverer and Date: Bennett 1828

    Where found in the wild; From southern Japan to the Hawaiian Archipelago, mostly endemic to the Hawaiian Islands.

    Description: Up to 9 inches, yellow, characteristic sharp tang near the tail. An algivore, most tangs are limited to ward waters where macro algae’s are available year long. Yellow tangs congregate in large schools near sundown where and when they spawn.

    Common name: Blue Tang, Disney’s Dory.

    Scientific name: Paracanthurus hepatus, the blue tang, is the only member of its genus

    Discoverer and date: Linnaeus 1766

    Where found in the wild: This is the most widely distributed  tangs, ranging from Fiji, south from the entire coast of Eastern Austraila, north towards Japan and west all the way to Eastern Africa.

    Description:  The Blue Tang has  blue body with black markings. The caudal fin is yellow with a black stripe. It has a blade on both sides of the caudal peduncle and venomous fin spines. Can grow to more than 12 inches.

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