Wrasses for Sale



    Common Name: Wrasse. Example: Harlequin tusk wrasse

    There are nearly 500 species of marine fishes of the family Labridae (order Perciformes) which we call wrasse fish. 

    Scientific Name:  Lienardella fasciata

    Common Name: Harlequin tusk wrasse

    Discoverer and Date: Günther, 1867

    Where found in the wild; Wrasses are found throughout the world in tropical and temperate seas. They are mostly found in coral reefs. 

    Description:  Wrasses range from about 2 inches to 6 feet or more in length. Most species are elongated and relatively slender. Characteristic features of the wrasses include thick lips, smooth scales, long dorsal and anal fins, and large, often protruding canine teeth in the front of the jaw. Most wrasses are carnivorous and prey on marine invertebrates. Many of the smaller wrasses perform as cleaners, setting up cleaning stations where larger fish come in to have parasites removed. The harlequin tusk should usually be kept in a fish-only aquarium with only one per tank. 

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