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SA Dry Hatchery Diet 1.8mm is the bomb!

My fish love this food. It has improved their coloration - vibrancy. It keeps for a year. If it lasts that long.


My fish have been on this diet about a year now. Brilliant color and lots of growth.

Clownfish Black Snowflake Roundtail Longfin

Beautiful fish

Beautiful well packed fish with. Great customer service. Will get all my clowns from them from here on out.

Scopas Tang
James Kelly
Scopas Tang

My second order from Coral Reef. Very healthy livestock and great communication.

Love them!

They are so peaceful.

Great Service

I have bought multiple Clownfish from The Coral Reef and the service has always been great, with the fish arriving healthy and stunning.
I felt like the older website design, while clumsy to navigate, did make it easier to specify the size of the designer clowns, it that’s a small issue in an otherwise great experience.

Lyretale Anthias

I ordered a few Anthias CoralreefTn a few weeks ago. The coloration of the Anthias was amazing, they were lively, playful and eat shortly after I released them into my 300g. I ended up ordering more for a total of 5. The team at Coralreeftn actually answer the phone and assist with any questions you may have about fish keeping or product. They truly care about fish health and customer service. Trusted place to stock your aquarium and purchase healthy feed for your wet pets!


Very good food and good size for my needs.

Great Fish@

The two clown fish I ordered are in fantastic condition, eating and getting along. I will be a repeat customer.

SA Dry Hatchery Diet (1.8mm)
Christopher Swanson

The fish love it

Awesome fish

I purchased bonded pair of gladiator ocellated clowns. Order arrived overnight. Fish arrived in great health and adapted beautifully. They show no signs of stress, disease and have clearly been bred in optimal conditions. I would highly recommend these sellers and this fish breed.

Snowflake Moray 6-8

Arrived well packed and warm. Little moray loves the rocks and is eating well. Will definitely buy from The Coral Reef again.


The fish were very healthy and still are. They came just as advertised in the picture. Very good packaging and I would definitely buy from them again.