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Amazing fish (my Darwin's are beautiful), and quality customer service.

Huey dry food

Awesome turn around ship time.
AMY- 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿❤️❤️❤️🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

Great food

Excellent service and product

I purchased a few clowns that day everyone arrived alive and look great. Everyone is doing great in the display tank


Healthy fish!

beautiful healthy Anthias

I have ordered Anthias several times from The Coral Reef and they are always healthy, vigorous, and well acclimated/quarantined. I wouldn't get them anywhere else.

Gorgeous fish, great experience

Exceptional customer service at Coral Reef TN – they truly exceeded expectations. My clownfish arrived promptly,well packaged, and acclimated seamlessly. They’re the most vibrant and healthy fish I’ve ever had, all at a great price. Definitely a repeat customer here! A+++

Great service and clownfish

Have never been disappointed with their fish. Definitely recommend them.

Everything is good

Clownfish Orange Blaze

SA Black Storm
Charles Willis
Black storms

Beautiful clowns. Larger than I expected

Great Company

They had what I needed and they shipped it very quickly.

Reliable Source for Tigger Pods

Sustainable Aquatics is a reliable source for many things, and especially PODS. Every time you get a bottle the Pods are vibrant and vigorous, swimming around ready to go.

SA Frostbite Frozen
David Hensley
Sa clowns

Recently bought a frost bite clown.Fish is awesome except for internal parasites.Bought two black ice a couple weeks before and lost one to the internal parasites.

Hi David, We are sorry that you are having problems with your fish. I don';t believe you let us know you were having problems.

Internal parasites of tank-cultured fish are rare since these parasites generally have complex life-cycles with intermediate hosts - it's challenging to study them for this reason as well. We have seen cases of mortality from external parasites, or other sources of stress. Hard for us to help without more information. As an FYI - we have had hobbyists (and new employees with some hobby experience) claim that white feces = internal parasites. When we see that happen, the vast majority of the time we trace it to the fish aren't eating or are not being offered enough food. Contact us at or give us a call so we can help resolve. Amy

Very nice fish

Beautiful healthy fish, at the upper end of the size range given and has fit in nicely to our tank!

These Maroon’s are the best. They seem to be working things out and starting to pair. As always, fish are in the best of health and eat right out of the bag. 100% trust buying fish here!

SA Clearly Complete Pellets

Clown Fish love it an doesnt foul water like flake food does.


Got a pair of mocha sunset, long fin mated clown fish and they’re awesome and in good health. A great addition to our reef tank.

Longnose Butterflyfish

I have several fish in my 300g from CoralreefTN. All of them are thriving, fat and healthy just they arrived.


Great product for fish health!

My order was filled promptly and the pump was delivered to my doorstep within two days. Great service and a good price.

Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
Angel Gonzalez

Skunk Cleaner Shrimp

Best pellets out there!

I used to own an LFS and SA dry hatchery diet is the best food I’ve used, it’s by far the favorite of the fish, even finicky eaters eat these. After a short time, SA diet became the only pellet food I used. I would highly recommend this product!

Clownfish Brown Saddleback
Joe Higginbotham
Excellent service

Excellent packaging and shipping. Excellent clownfish