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    Common Name: Triggerfish: example Clown triggerfish 

    There are about 40 species of Triggerfish in the often brightly colored fish of the family Balistidae

    Scientific Name:  Balistoides Conspicillum

    Common Name: Clown Triggerfish

    Discoverer and Date: Bloch and Schneider, 1801

    Where found in the wild; Triggerfish are found in tropical and subtropical oceans throughout the world. The greatest varieties are found in the Indo-Pacific. Most are found in relatively shallow, coastal habitats, especially at coral reefs. Some are pelagic and can be more than a meter, most are less than 10 inches. They live on reefs from a few to several dozen feet deep and spend most of their waking hours in areas near steep drop-offs. They are not found in great density; they are actually rarely seen throughout most of its native range.  They join as pairs to spawn on patches of sand and coral rubble, where eggs are attached to the substrate and guarded by the parents.  Difficult to keep in captivity, due to its aggressive nature.  Most of their diet consists of benthic invertebrates such as crustaceans, sea urchins, mollusks and such.

    Description:  Most triggerfish are marked by lines and spots, often very colorful. Although they be ill-tempered tank mates, some such as the clown trigger, the Picasso and others are very popular in the aquarium trade.

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