Rabbit Fish for Sale

Rabbit Fish


    Common Name: Rabbit fish example the Fiji Fox face

    Scientific name The bicolor foxface’s scientific name is Siganus uspi,

    Discoverer and date: Gawel & Woodland, 1974

    The 29 species are in the family genus Siganus.

    Where found: Rabbitfishes are found in the Indo-Pacific from the Red Sea and the coast of eastern Africa through the Pacific Ocean as far as Pitcairn Island. 

    Two Red Sea species S. rivulatus and S. luridus have invaded the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal, a process known as Lessepsian migration. These fishes are now found in inshore tropical and subtropical waters

    Description: Here are some facts:

    • Rabbitfish are diurnal;
    • They often operate in schools,
    • Some are solitary residents among the corals.
    • Like many tangs, they sleep in crevices in the reef matrix at night.
    • They are largely herbivorous, feeding on algae in the wild.
    • Siganus rivulatus  has been observed feeding on jellyfish .
    • Siganus fuscescens have been observed eating prawns and other baits
    • Rabbitfish are benthic spawners, they lay adhesive eggs
    • Some species live as monogamous pairs.
    • They have venomous spines in the dorsal and pelvic fins.

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