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    Common Name: Dottyback example: Pseudochromis fridmani The Orchid Dottyback

    There are currently about 100 species identified in the genus Pseudanthias.

     Scientific Name: Pseudochromis fridman

    Discoverer and date:  Orchad Dottyback Klausewitz, 1968 Genus Rüppell, 1835

    Where found: Dottybacks are found in the Indo Pacific from east Africa, the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and east towards Fiji. The orchid dottyback is only found in the Red Sea. 

    Description: The Orchid Dottyback has a long, slender body in a brilliant shade of magenta or violet. Orchid Dottybacks raised at Sustainable Aquatics are fed our hatchery diet, resulting in exceptionally bright colors and robust health.  Often confused with the Magenta Dottyback (P. porphyreus), the Orchid can be distinguished by the black stripe that runs from its nose, through its eye, nearly to its gill cover. 

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