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 The bacteria in Rhodofeast are Rhodopseudomonas palustris.  R. palustris is an ancient purple non-sulfter bacterium. It is flagellated and can swim amoung the bacterioplankton but also can attach to a substrate and for biofilms.  It forms a close relationship with zooanthellate corals liveing in anaerobic areas within the host's tissues and mucus.  It provides a source of biologically available nitrogen to the zooxsanthellae.  In turn,  the bacteria consume dissolved organic waste products.  


Add up to one dropper full to each 1/2 tsp of CoralFeast using the dropper. To avoid contaminating the product, do not allow the dropper to contact your fingers.  Replace cap immediately after use.  Add AminoFeast per product directions. Draw slurry into a large syringe and target feed per CoraFeast Produyct Directions.  The microbes in this product are 100% safe, non toxic and non pathogenic, therefore this product cannot be overdosed. Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight. 

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